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Day  1 - Great Falls, Montana

All pictures on this website were taken by Bill Shallbetter unless otherwise noted.

Our home for a few days prior to departure was Dick's RV Park in Great Falls. (Ed Rzepka)

This picture was taken on Friday when the sun finally broke through and we all started drying out. We took this as a good omen for our adventure!

Yes, there are great falls in Great Falls, MT. Actually, there are five of them, but not all are easily accessible. This is Ryan Falls and Dam with the power plant on the right. (Ed Rzepka)

Ryan Falls power plant taken from the bridge going to an island where the falls can be viewed. Due to the excessive rainfall the water is unusually high. (Ed Rzepka)
Black Eagle Dam
This is Black Eagle Falls and Dam and is the closest and easiest falls to get to from town. These falls are along the route taken by Lewis and Clark who were very dismayed to discover there wasn't just one falls but five they would have to portage. The portage route they took was over 18 miles long over very hilly terrain.
Lewis and Clark museum
Not far from the Black Eagle Falls is the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center. It was a wonderful center with many artifacts from the expedition.

The center included several movies and many very interesting interpretive talks given by the rangers.

This wonderful painted buffalo, or Bison, was one of the eye-catchers in the downtown area. (Claire Peck)
Charles Russel
This statue is entitled "Kid Russell and Monte" circa 1889. This is the famous western sculptor Charles Russell. There is also a Charles Russell Museum downtown. (Claire Peck)

Since this was the first sunny day in a week, our Tail Gunner, Jim Lenneman, had a chance to finish inspecting the rigs and installing the stickers identifying rig numbers.

Today was the official start of our Caravan. So at 3:00 PM we gathered to get a briefing from our Wagon Master on what we should expect from our trip and some of the do's and don't of a Caravan Adventure.

Pat and Skeeter Craig began by introducing themselves and giving the caravan members had an opportunity to introduce themselves to the group.

Skeeter then went through what to expect at the border crossing and the rules of the Caravan. He then went through the log book for our trip tomorrow indicating various points along the way where we had to pay particular attention to road signs or where we should consider stopping at points of interest.

We then came back to a feast prepared by our Wagon Masters and Tail Gunners. It was amazing that all this delicious food could come out of two motorhomes!

And what a feast it was. We even had homemade bread prepared by our Tail Gunner, Jim Lenneman.

After dinner it was time for everyone to get vehicles hitched up for our first day of travel.

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