Day 50 & ( Day 51 ) - Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, NS

Today we were all up very early. We left the campground at 5:00 AM and caravanned in the dark, "nose-to-tail" to the ferry terminal. We arrived just before 6:00 AM and lined up as directed, waiting for loading to begin.

The ferry, Atlantic Vision, is a fairly new one and their employes were really very organized. We didn't wait more than 1/2 hour before driving our rigs onto deck number 3.

Here we are, driving into the lower level of the ferry.

The furnishings on this ferry were more like those of a cruise ship. Some of us enoyed the lovely breakfast buffet in the dining room, with white linen cloths on all the tables.

We pulled away from the terminal on the Cabot Straits, at precisely 8:00 AM, as scheduled.

The morning sun was just coming up illuminating the lighthouse and the homes in Port-aux-Basques.

Live entertainment was provided in the lounge, where most of our caravan was seated. Unfortnately, four of us were playing cards in another room so we missed some of the fun. Here, Pat Casey (on the right), volunteered to play the spoons, a Newfie percussion instrument.

Susan Barack was enlisted to take part in another skit.

We were told it would take only 4 1/2 hours for the crossing to North Sydney, and the Vision arrived right on time.

The Vision arrives at the dock. What a beautiful job the skipper did maneuvering this huge ferry into such a tight space.

We drove off the ferry when directed, and...

it was just a 36 mile drive from the ferry to our campground in Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Looking toward the campground which is situated right on the waterfront of Louisbourg Harbour.

Standing in the same spot, looking at the Louisbourg Pier.

Once more, Earnie was found under a vehicle. Today, however, he was under his own rig!

Earnie's rig had a broken circuit board; Jim Strahl was able to solder it together so Earnie could get back on the road.

Susan and I drove out to view the ruins of the first lighthouse built in Canada. It was first lit in 1734, but it was deserted somewhere around 1758.

In the 1920's, when the current lighthouse was being built, local historical enthusiasts, lobbied to have these ruins preserved. This is the base of the original 1734 lighthouse.

A fisherman's dock across the bay from our campground.

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