Day  48 - Deer Lake, NL

Today we were up early. Our bus picked us up at the hotel in Labrador at 6:45 AM and drove us to the ferry to Newfoundland which departed at 8:00 AM.

Most of us chose the comfortable lounge chairs so we could rest comfortably...we were still pretty sleepy after getting up so early.

We left the Quebec side of the Straits of Belle Isle in low overcast and some fog.

When we arrived at the Newfoundland side, at around 9:30 AM, the fog had cleared but the sky was still overcast.

We were the last to leave the ferry, following all of the commercial vehicles and automobiles out the door.

We walked the short 15 minute hike from the ferry dock to the campground. We all departed the campground within about an hour, heading for Deer Lake, NL.

This is a sight we saw all along the roads in the upper portion of Newfoundland. Piles of cut wood ready for winter heating. Families can buy a permit to cut 8 cords of wood for their own use. A cord of wood is 8' long by 4' deep by 4' wide. Each family's wood is labeled with their permit number and "wood rustling" is not a problem.

In one area fishermen had stacked their lobster traps next to the road, along the shore, or on side roads. The traps are stored there until the next lobster season and remain perfectly safe. We also saw gardens planted in the right-of -way along the highway, where construction crews had turned up the usually very rocky soil. A family would plant potatoes or other root crops in these "highway gardens".

Most of us were in the campground by mid-afternoon. Full hookups and WIFI! What could be better?

The Humber river flows next to our campground which is very pleasant indeed.

We did have a couple of problems today. When Ed Casey tried to extend his slide, a hydraulic line burst! Immediately he had many caravan-hands trying to help.

The legs on the left and the heads above belong to (L-R) Bob Schmidt, Ernie Lindgren and Barry Klein. Here, they are removing the bad line to take into town to see if they can get another hydraulic line made.

Prior to that, Barry and Bob were helping Mike try to figure out why one of his tires was losing air. Bob thought it may be a loose valve stem since he turned it in a couple of turns. They refilled the tire and will wait until the morning to see if it loses any more air.

Of course the workers had their fair share of kibitzers and onlookers to make sure the jobs were done correctly. Being able to help one another when problems occur makes traveling in a caravan safe and satisfying.

The workers were successful; the new hydraulic line was made by a shop in town. What luck! Here Ernie is refilling the hydraulic reservoir with fluid.

I'm not Ernie asleep on the job, or is he just checking for leaks? At any rate, he's a brave dude lying underneath that big rig.

We had our driver's travel briefing at 7:00 PM

Bob Beitler was presented with Moishe for staying at the campground and caring for some of the caravan pets, while their owners and the rest of us went to Labrador.

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