Day 46 - Travel to St. Barbe, NL

We had our driver's meeting to discuss the next two travel days.

After the meeting, Barry and Terry drew coach numbers for the chance to pick something from a number of Adventure Caravan goodies.

When we were in Twillingate, we had received a sales pitch on the bottled water made from icebergs. The water is named 80 Degrees North and it is made in St. Anthony. Terry called the company to schedule a tour.

The company has a boat that picks up iceberg chunks and hauls it back to the dock. This is the chute and container where the iceberg ice is dumped and loaded into the building where it is heated and stored for bottling.

If you were not wearing a hat, you had to wear a hairnet. Here Terry is getting some help from Ruth and Susan.

There are 12 of the huge tanks where they store the iceberg water in preparation for bottling.
They make their own bottles. Here they are coming out of the bottle blower and are placed on the assembly line.
They then move to the filling machine, the bottle top installer and the labeler before being packaged for shipment. Terry also arranged for us to purchase cases of the water for the wholesale price.

Barry and Terry also called the St. Anthony Seafood company (they only sell wholesale) and arranged for us to purchase Shrimp, filleted Cod or Crab Legs.

By now it was time for lunch, and a number of us chose to eat at The Lightkeepers restaurant.

Yes, it is right next to the Fox Point lighthouse. It has spectacular views and good food.

This is the back of the restaurant where we had the Viking Feast. It is next to the restaurant where we ate lunch.

One last look at the St. Anthony, NL

Our destination today was the Pigeon Cove RV park in St. Barbe, NL. This is really just a large fenced in lot where we will leave our rigs when we spend tomorrow in Labrador.

When we arrived, Ed Rzepka did not have any water pumping into his coach. He discovered a broken water screen on his water pump. Bill Shallbetter used his plastic epoxy to repair it and Jim Strahl is shown re-installing it.

The campground had a wonderful new building with a laundromat, free showers and a great meeting room.

This evening the staff outdid themselves by preparing a wine and cheese party. However, it was far more than just wine and cheese as you can see from the spread above.

There was plenty of food, wine, margaritas and Screech (rum)....

that is until Ernie finished off the bottle of Screech!

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