Day  44 ( Day 45 ) - St. Anthony, NL

Today was another travel day. Many of us stopped at Arches Provincial Park. The attraction is this limestone formation.

The dramatic arches were formed in the limestone as a result of tidal action and wind over many years of exposure.

These trees were next to the shore at Arches. They are very dramatic and left us wondering why they had all died.

These natural sand dunes were a surprising change in the landscape and were only seen in one place along the route.

The Shallbetters met the Schmidts at the Port au Choix National Historic Site and decided to park their coaches and drive together to the Visitor's Center.

This is a small visitor center, but it is very well done with explanations of the four historic groups who have inhabited the area over a period of more than 4,000 years.

We continued on together to visit the Point Riche Lighthouse. In the foreground is the foundation of the lighthouse keepers home.

Meanwhile Carolyn and Harold were in town having lunch when Harold made friends with a local fisherman.

When we arrived at the campground, Barry told us about an iceberg that could be seen from Goose Bay. So we immediately headed out to Goose Bay to try to spot that iceberg! This is the city of Goose Bay.

Here is the iceberg. The picture was taken by Ed Rzepka earlier in the day. By the time we got to the shore it had drifted too far away for a decent picture.

These are sleds used to haul wood in the winter. We saw a number of these in the fields along the road.

An abandoned channel in Goose Bay.

Wild Iris.

We then drove through St. Anthony out to the Fox Point Lighthouse. It's a very small lighthouse when compared to the other lighthouses we have visited.

When we returned to the campground, there was an informal social in full swing so we joined the festivities.

Ernie demonstrated his "Newfie Washing Machine".

A bucket and a toilet plunger. Very creative Ernie!!

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