Day 40 - Twillingate, NL 

Today we took a 2 hour Whale watching cruise

aboard the M.V. Daybreak 93.

As we left the dock I looked back and took this picture. Yes, we are wondering the same thing; Is the dock ready to collapse or what?

Going out through Sleepy Cove Tickle. "A tickle is a narrow saltwater strait, as in an entrance to a harbour or between islands or other land masses, often difficult or treacherous to navigate because of narrowness, tides, etc".

Kim, the very humorous 1st mate gave us a safety talk, including a number of colorful stories about the area.

Then Terry arrived with some croissants, doughnuts, tea biscuits and jam. Wow, have we been fed and well-cared-for on this trip or what?

We did have this mysterious guest on our boat. Joe Barack decided Kelvin must be involved in the Newfie Witness Protection Program.

Thar She Blows! A Finback Whale gave us a show for about 45 minutes. Surfacing again and again to the delight of us all. We could even feel her mist on our faces.

This was a female estimated to be over 60 feet long.

Everyone at the rail waiting for the next "blow".

The fin on a Finback Whale is located far back on the body toward the tail.

Although we did not see any icebergs, this is what the harbor looked like in 2007 when an iceberg over 1/4 mile long got hung up on a Cod bed in their cove and then "calved" or broke up.

As we were eating lunch at Twillingate Adventure Tours, we struck up a conversation with the owner. Gus asked if we were flying out on Newfie Air? I said, "No". He then asked, "Do you want to see a picture of their airplane?" and showed me this picture.

Susan and I took a hike along a trail below the Twillingate Lighthouse.

This lonely boat is waiting for a fisherman to take her out to sea.

We had another social hour this afternoon with snacks provided by each of us to share with the group.

The circle of Adventure Caravan friends enjoying the good snacks and jolly repartee.

Dee shows off her Newfie "Ugly Stick" that she purchased from the Twillingate Museum.

Tonight we went back into town to attend a performance of The Split Peas. An all-woman group of musicians.

We were seated at tables waiting for the performance to begin.

The group consists of seven women, but two were missing for tonight's performance due to family obligations.

They had a drawing for a tape of their music and it was won by Jim Strahl.

One of the songs The Split Peas sang was about "Swarlin" which means wandering aimlessly. The story was about a gal who was "swarlin" for a guy...

and who should she pick to dance with but our own Harold Isley, the best dancer in the group!

Then, we were visited by four "Mummers". Between Boxing Day and Christmas day, neighbors may dress up in a disguise and visit one another's homes to see if they can guess who is hiding behind the costume. One of the Mummers picked Bill Shallbetter to dance with her.

However, after dancing with Bill, she picked a real dancer, Harold Isley for the next dance.

One of the last songs involved having children from the audience play musical percussion instruments.

Mom and Grandma with two of the participants.

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