Day 39 - Twillingate, NL 

Today we visited Prime Berth Fishing Museum and Crafts. It is a private center created by David and Christine Boyd.

They are fisher-people themselves, and dedicated to the preservation of Newfoundland's proud inshore fishing heritage.

The main building has this wonderful diorama on one full outside wall.

The entrance arch is created by two jawbones of a Fin Whale found at Dildo, Trinity Bay in the 1950's.

David Boyd, the owner, gave us a talk on why he decided to start the museum. The name "Prime Berth" refers to a prime location for placing a Cod net. Fisherman drew slips of paper with a single berth name listed on each slip to determine where to place their Cod net for the season.

After the drawing, the towns people would ask "Who drew the "Prime Berth?" The buildings at the museum are original buildings; one being over 100 years old. David floated the buildings from another location nearby, to their current location at the museum.

David has the the entire baleen of a Sei Whale which is in the same family as a Humpback and Minke Whale.

The baleen was very stiff.

This is a 1/4 replica of a Cod net used by inshore fishermen. It is closed on top, bottom and one end. The other end has an opening with a long net that would be tied to a rock onshore. As the Cod swam along the shore they were guided into the net. The net was pulled every morning.

David is demonstrating how fishermen would clean and split the Cod, then salt it for storage. This is the building his family used for many years. The room was lined with many old items used in the fishing business.

A Capelin (Smelt-like fish) and ear bones from the Cod he just cleaned. The Capelin was that Cod's last meal.

These are britches from a female Cod. Britches are the roe sacks and are highly prized as a delicacy. Of course, they do not contain roe at this time. The stuff in the lower right are the sperm sacks from male fish... not a delicacy.

After removing the head and entrails, he is now removing the backbone so the fish will lay flat for drying.

After applying salt the Cod are ready to sun-dry on flakes.

This "interesting" bucket contained the Cod livers. The liver dissolves over the summer, and in the fall there will be nothing but Cod Liver Oil left in the bucket. Yummm.

A series of pulleys hanging from the ceiling.

Just an interesting picture of the outside wall.

Metal loop, pulley and pitcher hanging on the wall.

Bill spoke to us in the "store shed". This is where the Cod that was being dried was stored overnight. The Cod could not get wet, so at any threat of rain, the Cod pieces would have to be moved indoors.

Pat and Len struck up a conversation with Bill, and learned that he was a musician. They asked if he would sing the song he had mentioned in their conversation. Pat and Len enjoyed their private show.

This afternoon, four of our group went out Cod fishing with David Boyd from the museum. The four are Jim Harmes, Mike Morrell, Kelvin Hauta and Rick Leonard.

Jim and Mike look a little apprehensive as they head for the fishing area.

Mike is proud of his catch.

But it looks like Jim will not be outdone by Mike.

Kelvin has also snagged a beauty. We were told they brought in about 10 fish today.

At 4:40 PM we had our driver's briefing for Friday.

At 6:00 PM we headed off the the John Hambyn Community Centre to enjoy a Dinner Theater of "All Around The Circle".

We were entertained by two of the performers as we took our seats and purchased some spirits from the bar.

Everyone seems to be happy with the soup course.

Once dinner was over and all the plates were collected, it was time to start the show.

Of course, everyone we saw serving us, was now on stage entertaining us.

They had a number of skits they performed. This was the local newscaster interviewing people from the local mental hospital.

This was a skit about a family's preparation for a visit by Mummers during Christmas season. Mummers are neighbors who, wearing costumes and masks, stop by for a visit. They would be served and the host would have to guess who was behind the disguise.

This was a live "dummy" act. The "dummy" was rolled onto the stage in a large suitcase.

Remember "Edith Ann" from the TV show "Laugh-In". Overall, it was a very fun evening of good food, good music and funny skits.

The moon was out in all its glory as we arrived back at our campground.

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