Days 38 ( Day 39 , Day 40 ) - Twillingate, NL

Today started out with clouds and rain, but by noon the sun was shining and it was a magnificent day.

The sights as we drove into Twillingate.

Twillingate Harbor with a Canadian Coast Guard boat in the harbor.

The following pictures were taken around Twillingate.

There are many of these old buildings that were used by Cod fisherman to clean and salt their Cod. They were mostly deserted in the 50's when electricity and refrigeration arrived and Cod no longer needed to be salted to be preserved.

Most of the following pictures were taken in the Herring Neck area that is ESE of Twillingate.

We drove along Tickleview Road on the way to Main Tickle Bay off of Baclahao Island.

Twillingate Lighthouse was built in 1878 and stands 280 feet above sea level. Not only does it look like an old-time milk bottle, it feels like one too. It is coated with some kind of rubberized paint that makes the building feel like plastic.

View from the icebergs today!

Time for another wonderful meal prepared by a local group. This time it is at the Masonic Lodge in Twillingate.

We had the building all to ourselves. We were served a delicious Cod dinner within minutes of sitting down.

What was unusual about this meal was that all the chefs and servers were men, but then it is a Masonic lodge.

We were taken upstairs to their meeting room. The walls and ceiling were all hammered tin tiles.

Looking out to the ocean through very old window glass.

Today was Mike Morrell's birthday. Happy Birthday Mike!

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