Day 28 ( Day 29 ) - North Sydney, NS  

Since we just had 32 miles to travel today, we took some time to drive into Baddeck.

As you can see, the weather was overcast, wet and windy. We we saw this "couple" (actually sculptures) sitting on a bench enjoying the view across Bras d'Or Lake.

With all the rain, we were concerned about the condition of the next campground in North Sydney, but the ground was so hard packed we had no problems driving our coaches on the grass.

Since we arrived in North Sydney by 1:00 PM, we decided to drive into Sydney, NS when we discovered that some of the tall ships were in the harbor.  They were based at Mariner's Park Marina.

The marina was not crowded, probably because of the rain; but by the time we arrived the sun was peeking though and the rain had stopped.  The tug Theodore II, from Halifax, was visiting the harbor as well.

This fife and drum pair marched through the wharf playing period music.

The Picton Castle is a classic square-rigged sailing ship.

At 180 feet long overall, she is a thorough-bred representative of the last days of the age of sail when deep sea sailing ships reached their ultimate and highest development.

The steel masts are 100 feet tall with pine yards spreading over 12,000 square feet of hand-made cotton canvas sails

and 175 manila lines: braces, buntlines, clew lines, sheets, halyards and downhauls coiled neatly on her varnished oak pin rails.

This is the Pride of Baltimore II a reproduction of the 1812 era privateer.

She is a working symbol of the fast, sleek vessels that played a vital role in America's battle for freedom during the war of 1812.

This is a replica of the famous cuban schooner La Amistad. This was a slave ship that was successfully seized by the slaves it was delivering to Cuban sugar fields.  It drifted for 63 days up the east coast until it was captured and towed into New London, Connecticut.

Characters in period costumes added to the interest and intrigue of the tall ships.

We had a social hour tonight with many goodies to share.

After the social, a few of us gathered to play Texas UNO.  What a fun game!

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