Day  11 and Day 12 Caraquet, NB

Today was another beautiful day as we say goodbye to Percé Rock sitting in glass-like water.

Most of our journey today we had water to our left.

There were a number of beaches, many of which had people walking, picnicking or swimming on them.

There were a number of towns with church steeples that looked like they were covered with polished stainless steel.

After 255 miles we harried at Caraquet, NB

This campground had over 300 spaces. We were put way in the back which was great with us.

Today was the time for some repairs. Jim Strahl and Bob Schmidt help Jim Harmes fix a problem on his car.

Dee and Kelvin were late coming in due to a doctor's appointment for Dee and they received an enthusiastic welcome to the campground.

We had an informal get together after we all arrived with goodies supplied by the Baracks and the Shallbetters.

Who says you can't have fresh veggies on the road. Susan Barack is proving us all wrong with her tomato and lettuce plants.

Later in the evening we enjoyed a fire supplied by Mike and Jean Morrell.

Sue Schmidt brought the biggest marshmallows that we had ever seen. They were at least 3" in diameter.

Pat Corley was brave enough to cook one.

Of course eating it was another challenge.
Pat and Len Corley treated us to dulcimer music.  Something few of us have had an opportunity to hear.

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