Day  9 - Travel to and visit Percé, QC

This morning was another rainy morning. Sue and Bob Schmidt were hosting coffee at 8:00 AM  but there were not many takers on their offer.  It seems it was a little too wet for most folks.

Today we are scheduled to travel just over 60 miles so the Wagonmaster did not leave until 11:00.  Actually, this was a blessing in disguise because a couple of rigs got stuck.

So Rick Leonard used his 4WD jeep to pull them out.

They are hooking him up to Jim Strahls truck and he did pull him out of the mud with the jeep. It was quite a site to see a little jeep pulling the truck and the 5th wheel out of the mud.

This was taken across the bay from Gaspé, QC

A beautiful drive along the shoreline

This is taken from the top of the hill overlooking Percé, QC. It was a beautiful site to come over the crest of the hill and see this view laid out before us.  Especially with the sun shining.

The camp sites are pretty close together, so it took awhile for each rig to be parked.

But the wait was worth it; this is the view from the campground. The large rock is called Rocher-Percé (Rock-Percé)

We noticed on the map that a lighthouse was just a little further South, so we drove South to find it.  Unfortunately, it is an operating lighthouse so it was fenced off.  The original keeper's house is no longer in use, but there were two more newer houses to the left of the picture that were occupied.

This is a view of a section of coastline between the lighthouse and Percé. Notice the waterfall just left of center.

The campground is within walking distance of Percé and Le Macareux is the first souvenir shop you encounter on the way into town.

Susan Shallbetter is talking with the Rzepkas and the Benders who are on their way back to the campground.
Two views of the downtown area of Percé.
We walked out on the town pier to take this picture.

Click here for a Google map of above pictures.

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