Our Pre-Trip Activities around Bangor, ME
Wednesday evening (June 25th) the ten couples who had arrived early gathered to meet the other Caravan members and to enjoy food, drink and stories. Click here for a picture map.

On Saturday Shallbetter's visited Acadia National Park which is about 60 miles from Bangor, ME

The rugged coastline of Acadia Park.

The Wild Gardens of Acadia display every possible plant species that grows in Acadia Park.

This is a Mad-Dog Skullcap, one of the many beautiful flowers found in the Wild Gardens of Acadia.

We enjoyed High Tea featuring Popovers and strawberry jam at Jordan Pond. This is a must-do when visiting Acadia.

This was the view from our table at Jordan Pond.

One of the many beautiful ponds in the park.

The Carriage Roads and stone bridges in Acadia National Park (a 57 mile network of woodland roads free of motor vehicles) were financed and directed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. between 1913 and 1940

The sun came out and the fog lifted on the South side of Cadillac mountain. This is the view from Blueberry Overlook.

A bridal party was present at the top of Cadillac mountain. We assume the wedding took place here.
Click here for a map of the Acadia pictures.

Pat and Len Corley visited the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, ME.  Here they pose with Galen Cole the fonder of the museum.  It features land vehicles that cover Maine's history from dirt roads to super highways.

Model T snow machine

1946 Harley Davidson
Here are just two examples of the many unique and beautifully restored vehicles on display. 

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