Day  56 - Saint John, NB - Farewell Breakfast and Border Crossing.

We had our Farewell Breakfast this morning.

It was a cold gray day, somewhat like the mood of many of us.

It was sad to be at the end of our journey,

but it was also a happy day to know that we had made 32 new friends that we can look forward to seeing again, perhaps in another Adventure Caravan.

There were laughs and some misty eyes as we said "goodbye" to those in our group who were not stopping at The Pumpkin Patch RV Resort, which was our starting point on this journey.

The staff had prepared a wonderful continental breakfast which we all enjoyed.

There was a new addition to the highway, so some of us ended up at the St Stephen crossing (shown here) and others ended up at the Milltown crossing. Some followed their GPS,others followed the signs pointing to US 1. The road signs took you to St. Stephen and the GPS took you to Milltown.

For a day that started out cold and foggy, it ended up on a high note as we traveled south in Maine. It was nice to be back in the USA where gas and diesel were at least $1.00 per gallon cheaper, and the sales tax is only 5% in Maine.

My name is Bill Shallbetter and I've enjoyed creating this website over the last 56 days. I've been particularly pleased with the response the website has received from my fellow caravaners and all their friends and relatives who visited the website many times. I've taken over 5,000 pictures with approximately 2000 pictures making it to the website. I also received about 75 pictures from other caravan members and I've identified their pictures whenever I used them on the website.

Susan and I are looking forward to our next Caravan to the Northwest Territories in 2011 and I will probably build another website for that trip.

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