Day  54 ( & Day 55 ) - Saint John, NB

Today was a short travel day (just 106 Miles) so there was no hurry to get going, as is evidenced by the ladies chatting in the morning sun.

A number of us stopped at the quaint little town of Alma.

Some of us to take in the scenery..

and some of us to take in the great seafood.

We entered Fundy National Park of Canada just outside of Alma.

And within a couple of miles we encountered our first construction. We were only stopped for a few minutes and the construction was only a few kilometers long.

It was a very scenic drive through the park with many small ponds and lakes.

The road was fairly narrow, but the scenery made up for it.

Susan and I visited Fort Howe which is situated atop a high hill in the middle of Saint John so the view is spectacular. This block house was constructed for Canada's Centennial and is now run by the Micmak tribe as a tourist attraction.

The gentleman volunteer was very helpful and pointed out many of the landmarks in Saint John.

This is a panoramic view of the Saint John harbor and Uptown area.

This is called the Three Sisters Light. In 1842 a single light was installed to guide the ships into the harbor. In 1848, the single lamp was replaced with three lights on a trident. They were red on one side and white on the other.

We visited The Old Burial Ground in the city with tombstones dating back to 1783. This is called the Beaver Pond. The restoration of the cemetery, including the Beaver Pond, was a contribution of the Irving family.

Ed and Ann Rzepka took a ride along Fundy Scenic Trail.

This beautiful little falls is called Fuller Falls

This is the harbor and covered bridge in St Martins. As you can see, this is low tide.

Looking back from the covered bridge toward the jetty, you can see the opening the boats use to get to the sea. They have just 2.5 hours before and after the high tide when they can take their boats out of or into the harbor.

We had our last driver's meeting tonight.

After the driver's meeting a bonfire was lit and the Kleins showed us how to bake crescent rolls on a stick.

Barry demonstrates how to wrap the crescent roll around the end of the dowel ...

and then the proper way to bake the roll over the fire. Once baked, you pull off the crescent roll, which now looks like a little cup.

Then, we took the rolls over to the table where Terry had four types of fillings and whipped cream to finish them off.

This one was prepared on a thinner dowel, but the end result is the same; a delicious campfire treat for all.

Now everyone is getting into the act. Notice Susan Barack is preparing two marshmallows for a S'more.

You can see how the rolls are starting to get a beautiful golden brown as they bake in the fire.

Susan gets a hug from Jean as Jean kids her about the whipped cream on Susan's nose.

Mary is very proud of her two S'mores. Yum yum yum!

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