Day 52 - Truro, NS

Today was a wonderful day to travel; warm and sunny, with very little wind.

The entire trip was a backtrack to leave Cape Breton Island. Here we are crossing the land bridge between Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia.

The Museum of Industry in Stellarton, Nova Scotia is Atlantic Canada's largest museum!

It was a recommended stop and we were not disappointed. It covers the history of industry in Nova Scotia.

Susan tries her hand at caulking boards, as was done in boat building. The fibers used for the caulk look are as fine as hair.

Here some kids try out a demonstration of different styles of water wheels. Wait, a couple of those kids look a little older than the other two.

This was the first steam engine used in Nova Scotia. It was used to haul coal from the Albion Mines to the pier for loading ships in Albercrombie from 1839 to 1867.

The wheels were built in two pieces. The outer section was designed to be replaced and was held to the inner ring by wooden dowels. The steam chamber was surrounded in wood to protect the engineer from the hot boiler.

There were steel mills in Nova Scotia. These are the ingot forms; molten steel was poured into the top, and then transported to the steel mills where they were re-melted and formed into steel sheets.

This buggy was motorized by a Nova Scotia farmer who installed an engine and drive train around 1900. It had single gear to drive it.

The Elm River RV Park had a huge meeting room where the driver's meeting was held.

After the meeting, the staff treated us to an ice cream social. Yummmmy.

Carol Powers and Harold Isley...

gave us a demonstration of their favorite passtime.

They showed us their refined, graceful dancing style...

demonstrating the swing, waltz, cha-cha and more!

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