Day  49 - Grand Codroy, NL

This is the RV park at Deer Lake, NL we departed today.

At 9:00 AM we walked across the street to the Newfoundland Insectarium. It is a multi-dimensional attraction featuring insects and arthropods from around the world. Eight years in the making, the facility is of world-class caliber.

The Insectarium is one of only two of its kind in Canada, with the other located in Montreal.

Before we started the tour, the owner showed us how they receive their butterflies. The chrysalis are sent from Costa Rica and the Philippines each week. A normal butterfly only lives for about 2 weeks.

They called this The Rearing Room. They hot-glue a small piece of paper on each chrysalis and then pin it to the cross-member waiting for them to mature.

These butterflies hatched within the last couple of hours and are waiting for their wings to dry before they can fly.

We then went into the butterfly garden where there are 100's of butterflies flying around.

I do not know the types of butterflies in the following pictures, but they are all beautiful in their own way.

They feed onA fresh fruit.

This one resembeled a moth.

This beautiful creature landed on Jim Strahl's hand.

A rare, blue butterfly... gorgeous!

The Insectarium's design and presentation is not unlike a modern art gallery. Wall-mounted as well as floor exhibits display insect groups from around the world.

Live exhibits are interspersed, so you can view both living and preserved specimens as you wander about. In addition to live tarantulas, scorpions, and giant cockroaches, one can also observe over 10,000 active honeybees in the glass beehive.

Nature's protective camouflage. See how the wings of the moth on the right mimic the eyes and colors of the owl in the left.

This is a walking stick from Australia one of the staff was showing to anyone interested.

Most of us arrived at the campground at Grand Codroy about mid-afternoon.

At 5:30 we had our driver's meeting in their lovely meeting room.

Since we are not allowed to take any root vegetables into Nova Scotia, we had a big potluck dinner so we could use up any root veggies we had. Once again, the cooks in the group put on a wonderful spread.

Joe and Susan Barack provided ice cream and all the fixin's for banana splits plus many other toppings.

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