Day  37 - Gander, NL

We left Bonavista, NL with overcast skies and light rain,

but by mid morning it had cleared and was turning into a decent day. This picture overlooks the town of Gambo.

Bob and Pat Beitler took this photo of a moose en route to Gander this morning.

The Welcome to Gander sign. The town has other aviation related signs like this around the city.

We visited the North Atlantic Aviation Museum in Gander today. It is a small museum dedicated to the the history of Aviation in Gander and in Newfoundland. Note the tail of a Douglas DC3 sticking out of the front of the building.

This is the cockpit of the same DC3 protruding from the back of the building.

They have a nicely restored DeHavilland DH-82 Tiger Moth on display inside the building;

and a Lockheed Hudson MK III displayed outside. Other planes they have outside include a McDonnell F101 Voodoo fighter, a PBY-5A Consolidated Catalina and a Beech Model 18-S.

Next we visited The Silent Witness Memorial. This memorial commemorates the crash of a Douglas DC-8-63 that went down at this site on December 11th, 1985 resulting in the death of 256 people.

248 of those who died were men and women from the US Army's 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" returning from a peace keeping mission on the Sinai Peninsula. Flags, stone crosses on the ground and one wooden scross mark the locations where some of the bodies were found.

This memorial cross was fabricated using the metal of a baggage door from the downed plane.

The cross reads: "Rendezvous With Destiny".
Click here to read more about the accident. Since it was a military charter, no information regarding the cause was ever released to the public.

This evening we were treated to another full meal.

Here our chef Paul, is preparing 16 oz steaks for everyone.

Some of us wait in line..

as the rest of us eat our delicious steaks.

After the meal, we heard an entertaining and educational presentation about some of the significant events in Gander's history. Not the least of which was how people in Gander welcomed in over 6500 people who were stranded when all flights coming into the U.S. were required to land on 9-11-2000 because U.S. airspace was closed.

Click here for a Google map of above pictures.

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