Day  34 ( Day 35 , Day 36 )- Bonavista, NL

Today was a travel day and we started out under cloudy, very windy conditions. We drove through light rain and some dense fog. But by the time we arrived in Bonavista the sun was out and it had turned into a very nice day.

Our first wild animal picture. Others have "claimed" to have seen wild animals but did not have picture proof.  This shot of a cow moose was taken by Mike and Jean Morrell while enroute to Bonavista.

We began by visiting the Bonavista Lighthouse. Not shown are the two lighthouse keepers homes. Now the lighthouse is automated and those out-buildings house an interpretive center and a gift shop.

There is a big island near the lighthouse with a huge colony of Puffins who return every summer to breed.

We were lucky enough to have a couple of whale sightings. They appeared to be Humpback whales.

We had a meeting later in the afternoon in this unique old log building. 

The campground owner, accompanied by his nephew, gave us a preview of what we will be seeing tomorrow on our tour around the area.

Tonight we were served a delicious dinner at the United Church Hall prepared by the women of the church.
The room was bright and festive with string lights hanging from the ceiling and balloon center pieces.
The ladies of the church had a production line set up to fill our dinner plates with a traditional "Newfie" boiled dinner.

After dinner we were treated to a show by The Late Bloomers.

They sang original "Newfie" songs, many of which they had written themselves. 

Part of the show was in character as "Late Bloomers" and was very silly and entertaining.

Lizzie Jean had problems with her bloomers falling down while she danced! During one song, she removed at least 6 pairs of underwear. Each pair got smaller and smaller...

and each pair removed was tossed toward the audience.

Ed Casey was the proud recipient of the last pair of underwear she removed...a teeny, tiny thong!   Well, Lizzie Jean admitted, it was almost the last pair removed.
(Photo by Jim Hamp)

Lizzie Jean then passed out some "Newfie" percussion instruments for 10 of us to use on the last song played. (Photo by Jim Hamp)

As we walked out of the hall we were treated to a spectacular sunset. 


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