Day  30 & Day 31 - Travel days from Sydney, NS to St. John's, NL

Today is the day we board the ferry for the 16 hour cruise to Newfoundland.  We gather to relax and chat before we have to leave to get in line for the ferry.

We all left the campground together and then waited on the road leading to the ferry terminal for about 15 minutes or so.

We were lined up in our motorhomes using two, of the many available lanes, while we waited for the ferry to arrive and then to load us.  I was amazed that all these vehicles could get onto one ferry. 

We were lined up very close together, but not as close as we were when we were actually loaded onto the ferry.

We were in line about 5:15 PM and actually drove onto the ferry about 9:30 PM. There was plenty of time to get together and have some fun.

Speaking of fun, what in the world is their concern? Is it a plane, is it a bird? .......

No, no, it's just Ed Rzepka on the top of his rig playing Spiderman and taking pictures!

It is now about 9:15 PM and we are starting to move our motorhomes onto the ferry.

A picture from Ed and Ann Rzepka's truck as they pull onto the ferry. Notice the trucks that have already been loaded.

This should give you an idea of how closely we are loaded on the ferry.

A view back at the ferry terminal as we pull away.
Click here for a Google map of above pictures.

Day 31 - Travel day from Sydney, NS to St. Johns, NL

Adventure Caravan paid for a number of semi-private rooms with four bunk beds. Four of the couples got together and decided to have one men's room and one ladies room. For obvious reasons, we only have a picture of the men's room.

We also had meal tickets for breakfast.

The rear gate where we will depart the ferry.

Exiting the ferry. Yes, there were some motorcycles on the ferry as well as some commercial vehicles and of course, cars.  The cars were on one deck above us.

It was foggy during the entire ferry trip and it was foggy for much of the drive to St. Johns, NL

We have a great campground for the next three nights. Gravel pads, 50 amp power, water, sewer and free WIFI.

We had a social hour at 5:30 PM tonight and again, we had a number of wonderful snacks to munch on.

We also had the use of a very comfortable shelter to enjoy the social hour.

Click here for a Google map of above pictures.

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