Day 26, ( Day 27 )- Baddeck, NS  

Today we crossed the halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator. (Picture by Ed Rzepka)

The campground where we are staying is a beautifully maintained facility located on Bras d'Or Lake.

Most of us visited the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada. The grounds were gorgeous.

Looking out over Bras d'Or Lake from the walk to the museum building.

The Alexander Graham Bell museum building.

Bell was also widely know for his work teaching the deaf to speak, including Helen Keller.

Bell experimented with all sizes and types of kites, including kites that carried a man.

This room held some of his smaller kites and a number of handmade propellers.

This is the HD-4 hydrofoil that was built in 1918 and first tested in 1919. It was a remarkable design and attained speeds of over 70 MPH using two V12 Liberty engines. The British, Canadian and American navies were very interested in the design, but the first world war ended and orders for the hydrofoil were never received. 

At 3:00, they had a afternoon tea on the deck garden.

It featured two ladies who played the part of friends of Mrs Bell and related stories of her and what she did to improve the lives of the women in Baddeck.

When we arrived back at the RV Park we saw this sign on Joe and Susan Barack's RV.

So, we all gathered for about an hour of snacks and good cheer.

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