Day 23 ( Day 24 , Day 25 ) - Halifax, NS

Today was an absolutely beautiful day to drive. We only had 52 miles to travel and we could be in the campground by 9:30 AM
Most of us got an early start so that we could get to Halifax and see the tall ships leave the harbor.

The Tall Ships Nova Scotia Festival lasts from July 16th to August 1st. More than 40 tall ships from around the world were expected to participate this year.  They sail from city to city in Nova Scotia and today was their last day in Halifax. This photograph was taken from a hill in Dartmouth, across the bay from Halifax as the tall ships sailed past en route to their next stop in Lunenburg, NS.  If you want to learn more about the festival: Click here

We did not know the names of all the ships

They were all different in size, shape, rigging and color.

Some were smaller than others.

And some were larger. I believe this is the Europa, from Amsterdam.

This is Russia's Kruzenshtern. It is the world's second-largest sailing ship. It had a tug boat push it around the harbor..

until it headed out to sea and then it started unfurling it's sails. What a sight.

When we first arrived, the fire boats were spraying water in the harbor.

Two sailing ships turning the corner and heading to sea.

These three lined up nicely for a photo.

This schooner is based in Halifax and gives rides for a price.

Another American ship.

This silly tug boat caught everyone's eye.

There are two toll bridges between Halifax and Dartmouth, but they also have a ferry system that runs every 15 minutes between the two cities. This ferry system has been operating for the last 257 years.  It is the oldest salt water ferry in North America.

The ferries do not have a bow and stern; they travel back and forth without turning the boats.  A trip across takes 8 minutes and for seniors it was $1.50 each and we were given a transfer that allowed us to return within an hour and a half without paying again.

The Fair Jeanne, from Ottawa, BC was at dock. Notice the two people in the rigging?

Here is a closer look as they tie up the sails. Ugh, not a job for me.

At 7:30 tonight we had a staff sponsored "Ice Cream Social".  Yummeeee

"Moishe" our stuffed monkey of good will, was on the move. Bill Shallbetter, the previous recipient, passed him on to Bob and Sue Schmidt for carrying all the lobsters and scallops on ice in their bathtub for a day so we could enjoy a lobster dinner when we arrived in Lunenburg.

We then played a few rounds of Caravan Bingo. Jim Hamp and Pat Corley are studying their bingo sheets as Barry calls out the names.

Mike Morrell is the proud winner of a beautiful dish towel. There's a special place in heaven for a man who wipes dishes, my wife says!

Pat and Ed Casey show off the cheese knives Ed just won.

Jim Hamp told us to be outside after 9:30 tonight to watch the space station and the shuttle go over head. Yes, most of us did see them.
Thanks to Ed Rzepka, Bob Schmidt and Mary Strahl for supplying some of the pictures for today's page.

Click here for a Google map of above pictures.

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