Day 17, Day 18 - Truro, NS  

We left PEI today. Most of us feel we would love to come back and spend more time here. It is a wonderful place to visit. Free going over, but it cost us $56.50 to return across the bridge.

Our first stop was the Cape Gourmand Nature Center which is the first stop after crossing the Confederation Bridge.

Confederation Bridge from the beach at the nature center

The Cape Jourimain light house from the nature Center. 

We also stopped at the Nova Scotia welcome center.

It was a lovely welcome center with food, gift store and, of course, information.

Many of our caravan stopped at the Anne Murray center in Springhill, but we bypassed it and went to the Springhill Miner's Museum.

The tour included an above the ground talk about the equipment the miners used.

Before we were allowed into the mine, we had to wear miner's helmets and rain slickers.

Although it doesn't show here, the helmets came in very handy as we walked down into the mine and the roof lowered to where there was a fair amount of helmet bumping occurring.

At 85 feet underground, they are looking at an original tunnel the miners used.  The one we walked in was enlarged to accommodate tourists.

This is an original tunnel. It is about 3 foot by 3 foot. Not a very inviting site.

Just thought I'd share this sign.  Before you get excited about the prices, remember, these are prices per liter.  That makes diesel about $3.41 per gallon and gas about $3.79 per gallon.

Our campground for the next two nights is very nice. Good power, water, sewer, cable and free WIFI.  That about covers all the good stuff.

Dinner tonight was at the Hilden Fire Brigade. Providing dinners to groups is their way of raising money for the fire brigade.

We all car-pooled to the fire house.

It takes team work to put together dinner for 34 people. The ladies worked inside..

and the guys handled the pork chop grilling outside.

We are all seated and waiting for the repast.

Tina and Carl are ready to dig into their pork chop dinner.

Sue Schmidt looks good as she prepares to drive to the next rescue.

The entire group; well almost, I didn't realize until after that Barry and Terry were inside paying the bill when the picture was taken.

Click here for a Google map of above pictures.

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