Day  7 and Day 8 - Cap-Aux-Os, QC 

Since the wind seems to be in constant supply on this side of the St Laurence river, there are windmill farms in many places along the coast.

This is a windmill blade on display at an RV lot along the way.

This lighthouse was converted into a tourist shop and restaurant

The day started cloudy but it had promise of changing to a nice day; high clouds with some sky peeking through.

In day 4 I'd mentioned that most towns had churches with two steeples, well as we travel East along the river, more towns have churches with only one steeple.  Not sure why, maybe the size of the town and what they can afford.

The fog seemed to come and go, but it made for many intriguing views.

The hill above seemed to rise out of the mist as we rounded a corner.

Then all of a sudden the sun came out so I thought I should take advantage of the sunshine and take some pictures.

The wild flowers were in bloom along the road.

The have large differences between high and low tides; this is obviously a low tide.

Another hill rising from the fog.

A rocky shoreline along our route.

This is the Chute Le Voile De La Mariée

This is a working lighthouse just up from the chute (waterfall) pictured on the left.

We encountered at least two construction slow downs along the way.

This was taken from a pull-off above the little town in the background.

Another single steeple church.  Although it was Saturday, the churches all seemed to have full parking lots.

Another small town along the coast.

We arrive at the Camping Baie de Gaspe

Since it is the 4th of July, our wagonmasters and tail gunners treated us to a 4th of July picnic of hot dogs, cole slaw, baked beans, etc.  What a feast!

The tables are set with all the goodies.

The two Bobs and Barry do the cooking.

Since it started to rain again, the tables were setup between rigs with their awnings out for protection against the rain

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