Days 2 & Day 3 - Quebec City

Today was our first travel day and it was another day of light rain and construction. However, the scenery in Maine and Canada is beautiful.

This was our last chance to get fuel at US prices in Jackman, ME.  As you can see, they don't spend much money on driveway maintenance.

Here we are approaching the US customs side of the border.

We were asked to note the difference between US signals and those in Canada.

So now you know.

The sun came out as we arrived at our campground in Quebec as the Corley's and the Lingren's recount the day's travel.

It started raining again in early evening so gathering at the rec center for a game of Caravan Bingo was a welcome diversion.  Two days ago we were given blank bingo sheets and we had to get everyone's signature to fill the entire sheet.

Bob Schmidt is busy making popcorn for the party and doing it the old-fashioned way in a large kettle.

Barry and Terry were our Bingo masters. Barry would call out a name of caravan member..

while we would locate the name and place a bead on the name on our card.

Len Corley was the first winner..

and Dee Capozzi was the last happy winner.
Click here for a Goggle map of day 2 pictures.
Day 3 in Quebec City

It was a cold wet morning as we waited to board our two small busses for the trip to Quebec City

The busses were boarded with odd and even number caravaners.  This is the even bus ready for a fun day of exploring.

A wonderful example of the old and the new bridge engineering designs.

The Fleuve Saint-Laurent (St Laurence River) looking toward the old city of Quebec

This is the wall that surrounds the old city of Quebec or Vieux-Quebec.  It is over 3 miles in length.

This is the Parliament Building built between 1877 and 1886. The Parliament Building houses the National Assembly - the Provincial Legislature comprising 125 members. The facade is decorated with 26 bronze statues paying tribute to those who helped shape Quebec.

We visited the Citadelle which constitutes the eastern flank of Quebec's fortifications and is known as the Gibraltar of America. Construction began in 1820 and lasted for more than 30 years.

Military traditions are maintained through military ceremonies held during the Summer.  The guards stationed at the entrance are very reminiscent of the guards at Buckingham palace.

We visited the Place-Royale which is called the cradle of French civilization in North America. This part of the city represents 4 centuries of history. Visiting here is like stepping into the 1700's.  It was refurbished in the 1960s.

View down one of the streets.

A restaurant along one of the side streets

A wonderful children's store. Two little girls climbed up on the huge bear doll on the right while we stood there.

A view showing the funicular going to the upper city.

The town square was out of a history book.

The other side of the square showing the church

This is the inside of the church.

Every window had a flower container below it

Le Fresque de Quebecois - a huge wall mural depicting life in the late 1700's in this area of the city.

Looking down on the Place-Royal as we walked up to the old city area.

Walking back up to the walled part of the old city.

This is Artist's Alley where local artists display and sell their work.

This is one of the oldest houses in Quebec City.  It is now used as a restaurant.

Cars share the street with a horse and buggy giving tourists a ride around the old city.

This is one of the gates into the old city.

At 3:00 PM we gathered at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac for a tour of the wonderful old building built in the 1800s

We gathered in the hotel and were split into three groups for the tour of the hotel

The tour guides all dressed in period costumes and did a wonderful job of bringing us back into the 1800s to enjoy the hotel as it may have been.

One of the large ball rooms in the hotel

This is the Rose Room with a commanding view looking out over the river.

Here is a map of the Old City. you can see the gray walls around the city with La Citadelle located in the lower left and the Chateau Frontenac directly above in the center.  The Place-Royal is the orange area with the 11 and 15 circles in it. The Parliament Building is outside the walls on the left-center of the map.
Click here for a Goggle map of day 3 pictures.

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