Day 1 - Orientation and Luau Party

At noon we all gathered in the meeting room at the resort for an orientation meeting run by our wagon masters, Barry and Terry Klein.

We also heard from our Tail Gunner, Bob Schmidt.  Bob had recently graduated from DTA (Duct Tape Academy) and was very proud of his graduation presents.  Bob had a number of good tips for us and explained his responsibilities as TG.

Barry donned this lobster hat to remind us that there will be plenty of opportunity to partake in lobster feasts along the way

He then introduced us to Moishe who will be given to the person who does the best good deed for his/her fellow caravaners. It will be passed from winner to winner.

Starting at 6:00 PM we were treated to a Luau hosted by our Wagonmaster and Tailgunner couples. Mike and Jean Morrell arrive dressed for the party.

No Luau would be complete without a good punch bowl spiked with an appropriate amount of good island rum.

It's too bad that nobody seems to be enjoying themselves and this is only the first day of the trip.

Nobody left without their fill of wonderful food.  However, it does look like the people (Ed Rzepka) are getting a little anxious to eat.

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