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This will be the 11th annual Cape Coral Cardboard Boat race. This race is put on by the Cape Coral Boat Clubs. Originally a challenge match by the lady members of the Nauti-Skippers boat club, it has expanded to include all the active boat clubs within the area.

Construction materials for these craft are limited to un-coated corrugated cardboard, duct tape, contact cement, Liquid Nails, water sealer, and one-part paint. No Wood, metal or other materials that would assist in floatation are allowed. Decorations may be of any material. PFD's and shoes are required for paddling.

The boats were judged in the following categories:

  • Best Original Design / Theme / Uniqueness
  • Best Construction or Construction Technique
  • Best Decorated / Most Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Best Team Effort (T-shirts, cheer leaders, costumes, etc)
  • Most Whimsical entry (New in 2004)
  • Captains Choice (All captains vote for their favorite)
  • Most Spectacular Sinking
  • Peoples Choice (New in 2004) The votes will be tallied using Lee County Elections Office touch-screen voting machines.

The races were held after the judging was completed. They consisted of:

  • Single Paddler Racing
  • Multiple Paddler Racing
  • Free-For-All, no-holds-barred, all boats still floating, Race.

For the races, the captains and crew had to be adult members of the participating clubs. Since this is intended to be a local boating activity, no commercial entries are allowed.

2004 Race Results
2004 Race Results in PDF format

2003 Race Results in PDF format

Forms For 2004

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